For over 35 years, I have been working in mental health settings.  I have been strongly committed to help people who have experienced significant difficulties with addiction issues, depression or anxiety, trauma, relationship challenges and even the biologically based mental disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar, anxiety and depressive conditions.

Early in my career I found myself stepping into responsibility and leadership delivering care, supervising and planning services.  In a rural setting I had great opportunities to stretch and broaden my skills.  I received a training scholarship by the National Institute of Mental Health as a Psychiatric Social Worker and worked in one of the most challenging settings with aggressive patients with serious and persistent mental disorders.

Over the years I have worked with people in crisis situations and dealt with significant emergency and life concerning situations.  This has given me skills in quickly assessing and addressing issues and concerns.  I also have seen a lot of things, understand critical situations, know how to address situations that need to be addressed and don’t tend to overreact.

I have grown in skill and ability to work with people and found particular joy in providing guidance and supervision to colleagues through the years.  My conceptual and communication skills have been acknowledged and rewarded with promotion into leadership positions.  I’ve always risen to the occasion or challenge in front of me, received as much technological training as possible and shown up.  When managing several outpatient offices in 1999, I found myself in the midst of the mental health response to the Columbine tragedy as a manager, clinician and community member.

I have continuously worked to integrate knowledge of the mind, the physical body and the spirit in seeking understanding why we do the things we do.  With over 37 years of spiritual and personal growth pursuits, I am deeply committed to use the broadest and most complete view of the human person within an understanding of the human condition from an orthodox Judeo-Christian perspective to seek solutions to the concerns that we face.




Quality Care, Instruction, Leadership & Spiritual Resource