The past?

Are we just going to rehash the past?  No actually not rehashing.  It’s a legitimate concern regarding reviewing past experiences and events (old stories), without doing anything different with them or about them.  We cannot change what has already happened.  We can change how we see it, think about it, and what we take away from it.  The point is to be able to do what we really want to do, with the present, in the present!

All of us use the past to explain the present.  We all use the reference of things we have been through when we are experiencing the present.  Inasmuch as we are already reliving past things over and over again, we do need to understand what is being played out.  Again, the point is to effect change in the present, living, thinking and being our best self right now.

You’ll understand very clearly how our bodies/physiology/neurology use the past, as well as tools, strategies, techniques to utilize so that we can be more present now.