Getting Started

Many people say, “I’ve never done this before, is there anything I need to know?” and my response typically sounds like this…

“Now that you’ve made the call, that is  the first step in a process to explore, identify the problem and begin to develop a strategy for the solution and take steps toward that solution.”

Counseling is  rather simple at it’s base; conversation which will lead toward greater understanding and clarity leading to select changes or adjustments of thinking, feeling or behaving which are most likely to result in the outcome we desire.

Easy to say, harder to do, I know.  That really is the foundation though.  An experienced counselor has many theoretical understandings and practical tools to utilize to assist you to identify what you want (goals), identify and understand the things in the way (problems), sort those into the movable and immovable pieces (targets), and map steps to help you get to where you would like to go (objectives).  That’s the plan.